preptime. combines practical experience, a profound academic background and innovative teaching methods to strengthen your negotiation competence.

Do students and young professionals know what good negotiation skills are?

  • Take the test.

    Test your knowledge of effective negotiation tactics.

  • Do you start haggling in response to your opponent’s first offer?

    Ideally not. Start acting before that and make the first offer yourself. Why? if inexperienced negotiators bargain about something without a clear value, they tend to let the other party make the first offer. In most situations, this is a bad decision and leads to suboptimal results. Experienced negotiators know the psychological tricks to use these mechanisms to their own advantage…

  • Do you use as many arguments as possible to convince?

    It’s not about the quantity. Experienced negotiators use only around half the number of arguments to support their proposals and make around one third less counter-proposals than inexperienced negotiators. Instead, experienced negotiators convince through a well-planned negotiation structure and strategic steps – this also shows in the extent and content of an effective negotiation preparation.

  • Do you emphasize the generosity of your offer?

    Inexperienced negotiators praise their offers five times more often as being ‘fair for both parties’, ‘very generous’ or ‘reasonable’ than experienced negotiators. This is not results-producing, since the opponent is regularly more irritated than convinced by these predefined characteristics. Instead, successful negotiators limit their activity to thought-through, custom-fit offers that speak for themselves – without further irritation…

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Stronger Graduates.

Education Institutions

Professional and practical negotiation courses guarantee your graduates a head start into the competitive professional world.

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More efficient young professionals.


Strong negotiation skills lead to more efficient internal processes and better external results – and lead to better young professionals than your competitors’.

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All Higher Education Institutions
should offer professional negotiation courses.

From the beginner’s workshop to custom-fit semester courses for your study subject: preptime.-courses always complement your curriculum perfectly.

Semester Course

Semester-long class for beginners or advanced students, up to 30 hours.


Three levels, up to 12 participants, comprehensive courses of up to three days.

Lectures & Fireplace talks

Selected negotiation topics in under three hours.

Job Interview Training

In small groups or individually, on half a workday.

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Every company should offer professional negotiation courses.

Whether for sales, purchasing or administration: preptime.-courses convey your first years self-confidence and negotiation competence (and have a positive impact on the corporate climate).


Three levels, up to 12 participants, comprehensive courses of up to three days duration.


Preparation for imminent negotiations, up to five participants, on one to two working days.

Lectures & Fireplace talks

Selected negotiation topics in under three hours.

Our value proposition for participants.

Academic & Practical

Base your negotiation skills on the essence of leading negotiation research and pertinent practical experience.

Custom-fit Simulations

Train your negotiation skills with our individually tailored prepcases. Always made for your perfect learning experience.

Experienced Lecturers

Profit from the comprehensive experience of our lecturers and secure a constantly top-evaluated learning experience for yourself.

Audio- & Video Analysis

Assess what impression you make towards your negotiation opponent and learn how to use your voice, rhetorical skills & body language more effectively.

Excellent Materials

Easily review the content of your lectures with our well-structured and professionally designed materials.

Certified Competence

Show your negotiation competence with the preptime.-certificates and stand apart from competition.

  • “The professional workshops of preptime. are a unique opportunity to provide a valuable experience to legal trainees and applicants.”

    Dr. Christian Bornhorst, Partner, Simmons & Simmons, Düsseldorf
  • “Negotiation skills are essential for young professionals in daily business affairs. That’s why everyone should start as early as possible to complement one’s professional knowledge. preptime. is the right choice: excellent materials, a thought-through training concept and lecturers who convince both, personally and on the merits.”

    Dr. Harald Sippel, Associate
  • “The best course of the semester. The lecturers were very competent and highly dedicated. Very good learnings. Many common lecturers can look up to these young ones.”

    Participant Europäische Fachhochschule, Cologne, Germany
  • “Excellent presentation of a totally new subject with great simulations. Highly recommendable and educational.”

    Participant University of Bonn
  • “The course perfectly implemented and met our wishes. A highlight of my student time!”

    Participant Europäische Fachhochschule, Cologne, Germany
competence & passion

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